Precautions for charging mobile phone chargers

01 08, 2021

We all know that when the mobile phone is used for a long time, the battery will be dead, and it will be charged when it is dead. So, do you know what are the precautions and details of mobile phone charger charging? I believe everyone disagrees with this, let's follow the charger manufacturer to understand it!


   1. Constant voltage charging has different charging voltages according to different voltage levels. Therefore, it is impossible to choose a charger based only on the size of the current. For example, a battery charger can charge a 5V battery, but cannot charge a 12V or 6V battery.


  2. The trickle charge also varies from battery to battery, and is generally called floating charge current, and its size is closely related to the battery capacity. For example, the normal charging current of a 10,000 mAh battery may not be as large as the floating charging current of a large-capacity battery. Excessive constant current charging current is the simplest form of battery overcharging. It will affect the service life of the battery and even damage the battery. Because there are basically two maintenance batteries: don’t overcharge and don’t consume too much power. In violation of these two rules, the battery will not be damaged immediately or its capacity may be reduced.


  3. Constant current charging refers to the charging stage where the charging current remains constant and the charging voltage increases approximately linearly. If the battery is directly charged with a current of 0.1-0.2C, even if no other accidents occur, the battery life will be shortened due to excessive charging heat. Therefore, this is why constant current charging starts with maintaining a constant charging current and an approximately linearly increasing charging voltage. In fact, it aims to extend and maintain battery life.

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