What is the cause of the liquid flowing out of the charger

01 08, 2021

After plugging in the electric vehicle charger, there was abnormal noise and a pile of liquid appeared. In this case, the charger cannot be used. So what is the reason for the liquid from the charger? Let's follow the charger manufacturer to understand it!


   1. There are electrolytic capacitors in the charger. Generally, there is liquid. If the capacitor is broken, the liquid will flow out and it is corrosive.


  2. If the capacitance is broken, it is easy to generate heat, so the charger can not be used without electricity. When the electricity is known to be cold, it may be better. It can be a little charged, the current is small, and the charging will not enter.


  3. The quality of the capacitor channel is very low, and it is easy to be damaged. Replace the electrolytic capacitor when repairing. However, it is also possible that the charger itself is not professional, and the self-heating temperature is too high, which damages the capacitors and is not worth repairing. Just change the charger.

Everyone knows that mobile phones have many different types of interfaces, and the corresponding mobile phone charger interfaces are different with different interfaces. So, do you know what types of mobile phone charger interfaces are? Follow the charger manufacturer to find out!


  1. Micro USB interface: This interface is a portable version of the USB 2.0 standard and can only be inserted on one side. Only supports OTG function, compatible with USB1.1 and USB 2.0. This kind of USB interface can only be inserted into one side of the mobile phone, and is gradually replaced by the USB-C interface.


2. USB Type C interface: It can be inserted on both sides, which is more convenient. It should be noted that even if the USB-C interface is used, the transmission speed is not necessarily USB3.0. At present, USB-C has gradually become a mobile device The mainstream interface type version.


  3. In addition to Android phones and common USB-C interfaces, Apple phones currently use the Lightning interface, which implements a double-sided pluggable design ahead of USB-C. And for this, an MFi certification set up specifically for iOS devices was formed. On the latest iPad Pro, Apple adopted the USB-C interface for the first time.

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