Among the many safety standards, how should we choose the certification that meets our requirements?

07 02, 2020

According to the safety requirements of relevant countries, there will be corresponding standard requirements for power adapters, adapters, transformers and other products according to different uses. Generally, the most commonly used information types are IEC60950, EN60950, UL1950;

Home appliances IEC61558, EN61558, UL1310;

IEC60065, EN60065, UL60065 used in audio and video;

The standard of LED lamps is IEC/EN60598, 600968, 60825, UL1598;

Medical power supply; special standards for waterproof power supply IP20, IP40, etc.

If guests have special requirements, they will be put forward on the relevant information. Otherwise, just follow the standard obtained by the manufacturer. As long as there are relevant national certifications, the products can be sold in relevant countries and regions. These Merry Kings can help you.

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