Power adapter CE certification standards and costs

01 16, 2021

Power adapter CE certification process, power adapter will be used in the daily life of every family, generally the power adapter circulating in the market needs to apply for CE certification, if the power adapter manufacturer has not applied for CE certification, then it can’t Circulation sales. CE certification is the EU product safety certification regulation. Products can only enter the EU market if they meet the requirements of the relevant CE directives.


The two problems that need to be faced when handling the CE certification of the power adapter, how to handle the CE certification? How much does it cost for power adapter CE certification?


CE certification fee for power adapter:


The cost of CE certification mainly depends on the products to be certified, the selected certification body and the relevant instructions of the product, as well as different test items. Different product test items are also completely different. Generally, common products are electronic and electrical products, and common test items are classified into EMC and LD directives. Common test items are classified into EMC and LD directives.


The following takes the AC input power adapter as an example to explain the CE test items:


Adopt EMI standard EN55022


Radiation space radiation + Conduct conduction




EN55024 (EMS test items):


EN61000-3-2CurrentHarnonic current harmonics


EN61000-3-3VoltageFlicker/Fluctuation voltage fluctuation and flicker EN61000-4-2ESD electrostatic discharge test


EN61000-4-3RS radiation immunity


EN61000-4-4EFT fast pulse group


ENG1000-4-5SURGE lightning strike


EN61000-4-6C/S conducted immunity


EN61000-4-8M/S power frequency magnetic field


EN61000-4-11DIPS voltage transient immunity

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