CE certification power adapter introduction

01 16, 2021

Different countries and regions will carry out safety certifications for products such as power supplies and electrical appliances. In China, we are most familiar with CCC certification, so what about CE certification? Next, let Feitianying Technology introduce the CE certified power adapter.

CE certification is mainly for the European market. The switching power supply produced is exported to the European market. The product must pass the CE certification, which is also a mandatory certification in Europe. First of all, CE certification is mainly composed of two certifications, LVD and EMC, LVD refers to safety regulations, and EMC refers to electromagnetic compatibility. There is also a RoHS test report. Of course, products also need to be ERP energy efficiency certification. At present, the United States has mandatory use of level 6 energy efficiency standards, and some European products have also begun to implement level 6 energy efficiency certification.

Secondly, understand the nameplate of the switching power supply. For all CE certified switching power supplies, the height of the CE mark on the nameplate must be greater than 5mm. This is a mandatory requirement. In addition to the new CE standard, the name of the manufacturer must be noted on the nameplate. Address.


The latter point, when doing product certification, you must find the right certification body. It is not just any organization that can do CE certification. When doing CE certification, you must first understand the other party’s qualifications, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. The market has severe penalties for counterfeit CE certified products.

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