The role of power adapter

12 25, 2020

Generally speaking, the role of a power adapter is a transformer and a rectifier. Home AC power is 220v, and our computer uses DC 12v, so we can be sure that the power adapter is a transformer and rectifier.

The adapter is a transformer, so we should all know that AC 220v is transformed into a voltage through a transformer and transformed into a direct current through a rectifier. There is consumption here, and these consumption will be converted into heat, so it is normal for the power adapter to generate heat.

The transformer is made of silicon steel sheet. After the transformer is energized, magnetic flux is generated. The magnetic flux will cause the force action between the silicon steel sheets to produce a buzzing sound. This is normal.

However, the sound of the fire is abnormal due to many reasons:

AC voltage is unstable

Chip breakage

Short circuit between turns

Component damage, etc.

By the way, the role of the adapter is an electronic product that converts alternating current into direct current.

Power adapters with large space are generally built-in. Generally, the size of the adapter is not small. Small-sized machines are external. In order to save space, it is also convenient to replace. The adapter uses a higher voltage and puts the machine. It's dangerous inside.

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