What are the main application areas of waterproof transformers and waterproof transformers?

07 02, 2020

Waterproof transformer, hence the name Siyi, is a waterproof transformer. It is a kind of transformer, but it is different from ordinary transformers. It has a special protective shell and needs to be potted inside. Usually epoxy resin with good thermal conductivity is used as the potting material.

There are two commonly used waterproof transformers: iron case waterproof transformer and aluminum case waterproof transformer.

The iron-case waterproof transformer refers to a transformer with an IP rating of 65 that can withstand outdoor flooding in a short time, but it should not be immersed in water for a long time, otherwise there may be water ingress.

The aluminum case waterproof transformer refers to a transformer that can be immersed in water for a long time without entering water, and has an IP rating of 67. Not only that, the aluminum case waterproof transformer has a low temperature rise during working hours and has an excellent heat dissipation effect.

The waterproof transformer can work normally in harsh environments such as high temperature, rain, humidity, and water immersion without damaging its structure. It is widely used in people's lives. Through the above understanding, we now know what is a waterproof transformer and know its two types, so in which areas are the waterproof transformers mainly used in our real life?

The main application areas of waterproof transformers include:

1. Outdoor engineering lighting, urban lighting engineering, outdoor lighting, etc.

Many outdoor engineering lighting needs to use transformers because of their own needs, but suffer from the harsh outdoor environment and the possibility of rain and water, and need to use waterproof transformers to ensure the normal operation of outdoor lighting and transformers.

Engineer Li of Shenzhen **Keyi Co., Ltd., who mainly produces lighting, was also troubled by this. However, he found Shengyuan Transformers through Baidu. After communicating and understanding the needs of Engineer Li, Shengyuan Transformers served A batch of customized waterproof transformers dedicated to outdoor advertising, Shengyuan waterproof transformer built-in temperature + overload + over current + short circuit four protection, good heat dissipation effect. There is CE certification and waterproof grade inspection report, which can reach IP67 waterproof grade. Completely realize the function of full waterproof, achieve the goal of achieving a win-win cooperation with Shenzhen **Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Mining area mines, ship equipment, industrial atomizing humidifiers, etc.

We all know that many mine equipment, ship equipment, etc. in mining areas may be drenched or immersed. At this time, transformers are required to achieve waterproof functions. Water-proof transformers can withstand humid and flooded environments, so they are generally used in mining areas. Mines, ship equipment, and industrial atomizing humidifiers.

In summary, waterproof transformers are commonly used outdoors, riverside, seaside, pools or occasions with high air humidity. It plays an important role in the development and construction of the city.

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